Friday, May 25, 2012

A Proverbs 31 Woman (Week 2 of Study)

I am doing a Proverbs 31 Woman Study and am loving it. Today was the end of week 2 which brought a day of reflection on this weeks' verses. You can check out the study by clicking here.

I thought about my role as a godly wife to my husband. A lot of times, I feel a little ashamed that I don't do many of the normal chores that I should be doing around the house, like cleaning. It is definitely a low point when I can't contribute. I feel so bad when he works so hard. He literally works 6 days a week at our Body Shop, drives 50 miles to get home in L.A. traffic and then proceeds to scrub the toilets and vacuum the bedrooms. He is such an amazing man. Never complains. He says, he'll do it all, as long as he has me and our kids have their mother. He would do anything for me. He reminds me time and time again that if he could he'd gladly exchange our lungs. But things just don't work that way with Pulmonary Hypertension...

And I know God had it all planned out. 

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,
    and he receives favor from the Lord. ~Proverbs 18:22

You see, in my endless effort to be a good wife, that Proverbs 31 Woman that King Lemuel's mom talked about, I find ways to compensate. Everything I CAN do, I do. With the kids, laundry folding. And I try my best to always be a beautiful wife inside and out for him. I greet him with a smile. I speak gentle words to him. I lift him up with praises. I try to provide him with a shoulder, one that nobody else can offer him. I am his right hand. 

Her husband can trust her,
    and she will greatly enrich his life. ~Proverbs 31:11

So in some way, I am being a Proverbs 31 Woman. 

Because I know he can trust me. 

Because I know I enrich his life. 

One of the things I love about our relationship is our communication. He tells me everything and anything. He makes it a point to always praise my good efforts. And I certainly make it a point to praise his good works. 

A few years ago, we discovered that both our Love Language is Physical Touch. Which is really funny because we've never been that couple that can't keep their hands off each other. Simple pats and hugs make a BIG difference in a relationship ladies! So don't go a day without giving your husband a nice hug and kiss!

This makes me feel so loved. And even though I can't do a lot of physical cleaning due to this disease, I can do a lot of emotional loving! 

~Life As Lizzy

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