Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the things that makes me so happy and always, always brings a smile to my face is getting my Short, Non-Fat, No-Whip Mocha from Starbucks in my own cup (I'm saving the world one drink at a time). Oh, and I cannot forget the nice warm Sausage Breakfast Sandwhich that fills my tummy while I drive to work in the mornings to my extant 12 hour shift. You never know if it might be one of those days where you're running back and forth and might not get to befall an appropriate lunch, let alone pee. So a girl's gotta find something to keep a smile on her face other than screaming patients...just kidding, my patients always love me
-I'm serious!

I have to add, everyone in the unit knows my cups. I'm the only one walking into the unit in the morning with red eyes from 3 hours of sleep (I can't make myself go to sleep early on the nights I know I'm working the next day -it's so thrilling), with a cheery 'goodmorning' greeting to everyone I pass in the hospital hallways accompanied by a cute (and fashionable) Starbucks Tumbler. Twice have been the times when I forgot my trophy Tumblers at the unit Lounge then left on vacation. The whole time I'm away, I kept imagining the mold growing on the inside walls of my precious tumbler. That's enough for a nightmare right there, I tell ya!

To my surprise, both times that I came back the first thing I did was desperately look for my tumbler, without letting it on that I'm sooo worried someone might've stolen my Starbucks tumbler!!!!! Agghhhhh!! ...I returned to find the tumblers completely and sympathetically WASHED clean.

I have an angel looking out for my Starbucks tumblers.

Here are some pics of my cute Starbucks tumblers.

Sring time cup...

Just for fun cup...

Valentine's Day cup...

Holiday Cup...

More to follow as they become available.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Post New Year Reflection

I don't know if it's just the post New Year Blues -in my case, the Post New Year's Reflections- or maybe it's that my little girl turned two years old a couple weeks ago. H and I were reminiscing on how we were living two years ago with a newborn baby girl. I can hardly even believe it. Life was so hard at the time, so many things were going on and stress ruled our inner beings that we could hardly catch our breath. We had just moved back from Texas, were financially struggling, living off of our prior good credit score via our credit cards, had just started a new business, I was gonna start working part time in a new hospital and well, we had a new born baby to keep me and my rambunctious 2 1/2 year old company!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Least to say, life was not easy.

...Life as Lizzy!

But now it seems we've kinda gotten hold of the boat's helm and the waves of the cumbersome ocean have subsided and let us relax. It seems that the tension in our arms from manouvering the heavy wheel of life is able to relax for just a little bit now. Splashes of thunderous waves aren't hitting us left and right anymore and we're able to actually take off our rain coats and those clunky rain boots. Flip flops anyone? Maybe we might even get to get a REAL vacation this year. Did I mention my 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up??? -H, I hope you're reading this.

No, life's not easy. I sometimes stop to think how other couples might've coped with what we've been faced with. The disease and all, because it's not easy. It's been a very trying time for us in so many aspects, my husband especially. We've gone through a stressful rollercoaster filled with emotional twists and turns that frankly, I don't know how others with diseases cope. Hearing about so many divorces and people getting seperated...it makes me sad to think. They have their health. -and I don't. What would I give to go back a few years and do things differently. I feel like I could've accomplished so much more. Although, I have no regrets, I am still perturbed by the infamous phrase 'what if ?'. But I've come to realize, I love my husband and my children so much, that who cares if I've got this disease??? I'm alive now and I'm with my beautiful family.

Proverbs 17:1
"Better a dry crust eaten in peace, than a house filled with feasting-and conflict."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new endeavor...

Okay, so many of you might know by now that I cannot sit still. I'm such a demanding multi-tasker that something's always going on in my life....School, kids, work projects, mom's clubs, women's clubs, church, parties, park outings, shopping, HUSBAND (oops, almost forgot that one). Haha!

Anyways, this time I've gone on a frenzie and started writing kids' books!! Yup, I've got three already written. And so many more on the way. For those who are also following me on Facebook, you'll know from all my status updates that my mind is going round and round exloding with more book ideas. I've always LOVED to write. I actually want to write a novel one day but for now, I will try this baby step, aside from blogging, and actually try this children's book writing stuff.

I am not going to give too much info or titles or what the books are actually all about, or I'd have to kill you. ...But I will say that my 4 year old J is already my biggest fan! He said he prefers my stories to the ones we read from all the library books we rent. So that is the best critique I've gotten so far. :)

The Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth

Peaceful Hawaii

Peaceful Hawaii