Monday, April 23, 2012

Matthew 5:8 Pure in Heart

Matthew 5:8  "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."  

Who are the pure in heart? 
I thought about this for a few days.

I found myself one early morning in the stillness of the dark. 

I have made a routine, a precious one really, to go into both my kids' rooms, one at a time, and pray for them.

Hold them.

Smell them. 

I get to do this twice a week, right before leaving to work (its the only time I am ever up at 4am). They are so angelic in their peaceful state. I just love it. Reminds me of Jesus praying early in the morning in Gethsemane. Why do these early morning rises bring such deepness in thought? Jesus was troubled there, for He knew what was coming. And yet He still welcomed his Father's will -not his own. For his will was in harmony with the Father's will. When I awake during these early rises, I feel such a connection to Him. It feels like it is just me and Him.

And so, I try to pray like Jesus did...  Not my, but His will be done.  

Back in my kids rooms...
This is my prayer:

Lord, may J and LM love You and Your Word with all their hearts, all their minds, and all their souls. May they grow up to be a strong man and woman of God. ~Amen.

I realize that no matter what comes their way. If they just put Him first, His will, His love, then my kids will be alright... No matter what. I trust this because it has worked for me. When the devastating news of an ugly illness came knocking at my door, I began a journey of trust. I realized, that His will needed to be done before my own. And boy, have remarkable things occurred since then. I know, first hand that I can trust Him to never leave me alone.

His will, not my own, is the best policy.

And then after reading up on Matthew 5:8,
 I realized I was actually praying for them to be 

That they will always long for the Lord with everything in their might. That they will seek first, His approval in everything they do.  And so this verse reminded me of what the Lord has placed in my own heart. A peaceful prayer has made its way out from that deeply rooted seed that the Lord planted and has come out strong and healthy into an overgrown flowery plant.

It is so obvious.

So much so that my kids also now long for that early morning prayer. J has come to realize that I do this. He expects it every time the day comes where I wake up early to go to work. He sleeps better that night, knowing that I will be there, in his room in the stillness of the dark to simply pray for him. Sometimes he greets me with a smile -eyes closed.

Pure in heart.  Pure in heart, for they shall see God.

And oh, how I long to see God in everything I do. Throughout my day. At work, at home, cleaning, teaching, reading, I long to SEE God.  And I do. Many a times. He blesses me with nudges. I describe them as kisses. I am able to grasp His kisses and return them with a thankful heart.

Pure in heart. 
And I get to see Him. 

 ~Life as Lizzy

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