Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life Insurance Policy?

I know I have been sort of dormant lately. And that my followers have probably fogotten about me. But here I am again. This empty screen of mine, is so therapeutic. I love being able to just sign on whenever I feel, or hear, resounding words in my head. Words, that consequently I feel need to be in my blog. I know I don't write much. Less now, even. Life has gotten busy.
With my health in such a positive state, I have added more unto my plate. My husband might not think it's such a good idea. I think it's good.
Last year, a very special friend of mine invited me to join a 'Tech Accountability group' called Good Morning Girls ( I am in two groups of about 10 gals each, which I LOVE) and we email eachother daily from Monday through Friday bits about our quiet time for that particular day. At first, I think my mind took it as a challenge that I could later, proudly accomplish. It wasn't easy at first. It's been more than a year and it is one of the best things I have ever challenged myself to partake in. Reading the Word of God, every single day. Studying it. Devouring it. Knowing it. The consequence? FEELING it. And then, expressing it through action. A certain transformation. A physical one, really. So stay tuned. I might post bits of my private postings here later! haha! I am learning so much. The main thing I've learned is that the Word really is LIVING. Because from the things I am reading, I am putting into action in my daily life. The Word, is transcending those printed pages, into my heart. Changing the way I think, changing the way I respond, changing the way I choose to love and be loved. My actions, my life, has changed because my perspective on life has changed with it.
I feel that I am putting myself in such a good position through this process of being in the Word everyday. Especially living with Pulmonary Hypertension. The Word of God, has helped me be okay with where I am today. That makes me a happier person. Which then makes me a healthier person. Which then makes those around me, less stressed about my situation. It is as if being in the Word of God is allowing my blood to travel through my arteries at a less stressed pace. My heart is less stressed by this new-found 'Insurance Plan'. Sorry hunny, I don't yet have the traditional life insurance we wanted, but I do have this spiritual insurance policy that doesn't require an out-of-pocket deductible. Oh and the 'big guy' who runs the company, he's been in business for a LONG time.
~Life As Lizzy


Jacque @ Mercy Found Me said...

LOVE this, and love you! So thankful you said yes!!


I have been trying to get my daughter to do something like this. We visited her and her family in upstate New York this last week and he PH is getting worse. Her husband wants to plant a church and I just don't think she is strong enough. I'll send her the link. Thanks!

Angela said...

Ohhh I LOVED reading this Lizzy!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! :) I always love to hear how God is working through GMG! Your post was a blessing to me!! It's amazing how just getting into the discipline of being in God's Word it slowly changes you. :) You are sooo right about God's Word being living....I've witnessed it myself. :) I think you're a very smart woman with the "insurance plan" that you have! Hehehehe! God Bless!

Love God Greatly!

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